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Indian overseas recruiters and recruits often find themselves in a situation which can be compared to the state of chakravyu in Mahabharata where Abhimanyu got himself into and was clueless how to get out of it. The objective of this handbook, therefore, is to provide the basic knowledge of the Emigration Act, 1983 and the Emigration Rules, 1983 in a clear and simple language to migrate the possibility of the state of Chakravyu. The handbook will benefit all stakeholders involved in overseas recruitment – workers, recruiters, lawyers, Indian Missions, embassies in India, emigration consultants and any person or organisation as it deals with the do’s and don’ts of Indian overseas recruitment.

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About The Author

Joseph Koshy is a practising advocate based in Delhi. He graduated from KLE Society’s Law Collage, Bangalore and went on to finish his master’s from the University of Queensland, Australia. He manages a law firm whose clients are from as diverse sectors as the firm’s associates and lawyers are. He has been practising for 19 years, and after having worked with many leading firms in the country he started his own practice in 2005, and continues to do so with the same passion.

He has successfully argued before the erstwhile FERA board and the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in cases pertaining to emigration law. With his vast experience and early exposure to the subject, the author has created this handbook for prospective emigrants and recruiting agents. In addition to the specific subject of emigration law, the author and his firm actively practice in the areas of commercial litigation, intellectual property and arbitration.

Joseph Koshy

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